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A little information about Wichit Pty Ltd;

My name is Michael Sticpewich and I am WichIT. I develop web based applications and have many years experience in delivering robust, easy to use and responsive solutions.

I was solely responsible for the development and continued maintenance of the application behind the HMV Australia online store, www.hmv.com.au. Although this site has now been closed the application and fulfillment functions were utilized by the Sanity site, www.sanity.com.au, until late 2009. So in effect, my application had been utilized from 1999 through to 2009 by one of the largest music retailing sites in Australia.

The application I had developed for HMV Australia / Sanity was fully featured and includes mechanisms for:

  • Sales Campaigns
  • Cross selling
  • Wish list
  • Newsletter
  • Complex yet easy to use search engine
  • Integration with store systems for inventory control and product catalogue
  • Painless and timely fulfillment of orders including invoicing and payment processing
  • A variety of payment methods including PayPal
  • One of the first merchants to implement the Verified By Visa, and MasterCard SecureCode card authentication schemes
  • Replication of data from site server to fulfillment server
  • There are many more features

In 2005 the HMV Australia online store application was installed and continues to be used by HMV Hong Kong, www.hmv.com.hk.

While at HMV and subsequently Sanity I also developed a variety of tools including Intranet solutions which were enjoyed by the HMV and subsequently Sanity store networks. Some notable functions, not all, which run under the auspice of the Intranet were:

  • Purchase Order System
  • Loss Prevention Reporting
  • Stock Return Logistic Tracking
  • Key Performance Indicator Reporting


In 2006 I left Sanity to do my own thing. That is, to continue providing my services to Sanity while offering them to others and to develop my Wichsport business which was at the time called LAD (Little Athletics Data). The Wichsport product, www.wichsport.com.au, now provides the Club Manager tool to 48 Little Athletic centres with 35 of these also enjoying the benefits of a Club Website hosted by Wichsport.

Since 2007 I have also developed several online stores and catalogue sites for both retailers and wholesalers.

In 2008 Wichit developed a site for Welding Guns of Australia for marketing and distribution of information to their retail network of their Unimig range at www.unimig.com.au. This site also facilitates online ordering for their retailers.

One of the key points of difference of a site developed by Wichit is that as much time is spent developing an easy to use, intuitive,  and responsive, administration and fulfillment site as is spent on the public face of the site.

Many web site providers do a great job on the public face of your site but you can often be let down when you try to administer the site and fulfill your orders. Being off-the-shelf solutions, they often don't fit your business and you end up fitting your business to the application.

On the other hand a Wichit site is a bespoke solution. It is developed to meet your business needs specifically. Therefore Wichit sites work the way you do in terms that you work in.

Also, sites hosted by Wichit, www.unimig.com.au, the Wichsport web sites and those below are hosted on dedicated servers provided by Digital Pacific in Sydney. Being on a dedicated server and not sharing resources with a multitude of other web sites, the Wichit sites are very responsive and provide 99.9% uptime.


holidaypaws.com.au2016 saw the lunch of the latest development, www.holidaypaws.com.au.

This site is specifically designed for finding a holiday property where you can take your pet. Not only that, it also makes that search a whole lot easier by providing all the property information that a discerning pet owner will need.

www.holidayPaws.com.au allows property owners to list only PET FRIENDLY holiday accommodation. Of cause that doesn't mean you have to take your pet with you if you don't want to. HolidayPaws also allows property owners to receive and manage enquiries in relation to their property.

The goal is to provide the best quality and detail of property information possible. If we can make your selection and securing of a holiday destination that meets your requirements with the minimum of fuss, then we've helped you have a great holiday from the get go. However, while HolidayPaws takes every precaution to ensure the integrity of the site, all property information is submitted by the property advertiser and is displayed in good faith. Although all submissions to this site are reviewed by our team in order to ensure the best possible content, we are not able to ensure the accuracy of the particular property's information.


Some other sites developed by Wichit are:






If you would like to get in touch about your web site requirements please do so:

P: 0413 313 460
E: michael@wichit.com.au